Round Worms in Kenosha County

Did you know that Kenosha County has the highest rate of roundworm infections in the state? 1 out of every 12 cats tested is positive for roundworms in our county. And many cats never get tested, so they suspect the rate of infection is even higher. Not only can this parasite affect your cat's health, but if your cat has roundworms, then the eggs are being passed into the litter box and onto other surfaces in your home, so you may be at risk as well. To avoid roundworm infections in your cat you can do two things:
#1 Bring a stool sample in to be tested
#2 Keep your cat on Revolution monthly to prevent infection
And it's not just cats that are at risk; dogs get roundworms too. Being on monthly heartworm medication is the best way to prevent a roundworm infection in your dog.
To see more data that shows the prevalence of parasites in our area, visit: