How to Safely Use Flea Products

Never use insecticides on very young, pregnant, debilitated, or elderly animals without consulting your veterinarian.

When using a fogger or spray in your home, make sure to remove all pets from the house for the time period specified on the container. Food and water bowls should be removed from the area. Allow time for the product to dry completely before returning your animals to your home. Open windows or use fans to air out the household before returning your pets to the treated area. Strong fumes can be irritating to your animal's eyes and upper respiratory system.

Birds are more sensitive to fumes and usually require more time than other pets before their return to the treated home. Contact your veterinary health professional for advice on product usage around your birds.

Observe your pet closely after using flea products. If your pet exhibits unusual behavior or becomes depressed, weak or uncoordinated, you should seek veterinary advice immediately.

Always, always, always read the label first! This could save the life of your pet.